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Discover the future of payment technology, from mobile payments to tokenization. In this course, you will learn new ways of making payments from consumer-to-business (C2B), from consumer-to-consumer (C2C), and from business-to-business (B2B). You will explore current payment system technologies to examine their strengths and weaknesses, and understand the ways technological innovation is changing these traditional […]

Consider the benefits and challenges of disruptive capital-raising technology. Advances in technology have both systematized and democratized consumers’ and business’ access to capital. In this course, you will explore the ways in which technology has transformed access to consumer credit and access to seed capital for business projects. You will examine disruptive technologies in credit […]

As the Internet was the first digital medium for information, blockchain is the first native digital medium for value. Blockchain is poised to transform the economy and society at large—redefining the ways we transact online, share ideas, and manage workflows. The financial services sector is a key lever in such transformations. This four-course specialization introduces […]

Explore the evolution of AI investing and online wealth management. Investing and managing your wealth online has never been easier, but how does AI investing work and what are the challenges? On this course, you’ll explore how technology has changed the way we invest money. You’ll consider the evolution of AI-driven online wealth management platforms, […]

Learn blockchain in an afternoon. Without spending countless hours deciphering tech jargon Like the Internet in the mid-1990s, Blockchain is getting closer to its breakout moment every day. A fundamental ‘techtonic’ shift transforming the world as we know it. Blockchain is a foundational technology that is creating the next Internet and opening up new opportunities […]

Learn blockchain in an afternoon. Without spending countless hours deciphering tech jargon

The only blockchain guide giving you full historical context in bite-sized information with visually stunning graphics

With over 83 million passengers traveling through Dubai International Airport, it was the world’s third busiest airport in 2016. The city itself is booming, with an annual population growth of just over 10%. While it’s the undisputed business hub of the Middle East, Dubai has set an ambitious goal: To be the first blockchain-powered government […]
What are the Benefits of Blockchain in Sports and Esports? Enhancing fan interaction and experiences by incentivizing engagementProviding new revenue models through tokenized teams and enhanced loyalty programs  Creating new markets for sports betting and collectibles tradingEnabling athletes to crowdfund their performance using income share agreements or loyalty rewards Facilitating the development of interoperable game collectibles, ConsenSys […]
One of the fundamental concepts in machine learning is the Confusion Matrix. Combined with Cross Validation, it's how we decide which machine learning method would be best for our dataset. Check out the video to find out how! NOTE: This video illustrates the confusion matrix concept as described in the Introduction to Statistical Learning, page […]
Richie Etwaru, discusses the opportunity and implications of blockchain as a paradigm to slow/chose the expanding trust gap in commerce. He unpacks blockchain to a level of simplicity to be consumed by those that are just starting to understand and explore the paradigm. He lays out a current state of commerce, suggesting that every company […]
Secure Hashing Algorithm (SHA1) explained. Dr Mike Pound explains how files are used to generate seemingly random hash strings. EXTRA BITS: https://youtu.be/f8ZP_1K2Y-U Tom Scott on Hash Algorithms: https://youtu.be/b4b8ktEV4Bg http://www.facebook.com/computerphile https://twitter.com/computer_phile This video was filmed and edited by Sean Riley. Computer Science at the University of Nottingham: http://bit.ly/nottscomputer Computerphile is a sister project to Brady Haran's […]
Let's build a decentralized ticket service using Ethereum! Ethereum is the 2nd biggest cryptocurrency in market cap behind Bitcoin and offers a Turing-complete blockchain. Using Ethereum + IPFS, developers can build powerful decentralized applications, and this offers novelty in a somewhat saturated market for app developers. Let's get started! Code for this video: https://github.com/llSourcell/ethereum_demo Please […]
Commercial real estate constitutes a significant portion of world economic asset and transaction activity. According to an MSCI report, the size of the professionally managed global real estate investment market increased from $7.4 trillion in 2016 to $8.5 trillion in 2017. With rising valuations of properties and continuous development around the world, blockchain technology is primed […]
On May 11th, 2018, TREUM hosted a 'Dinner & A Movie' themed presentation at the Ethereal Summit in Brooklyn, NY. Following an introduction demo, the team presented this short film before surprising the audience with tuna fresh from #Fiji, shipped and tracked using the #Ethereum Blockchain. Treum is a blockchain-based platform for modeling business processes, […]
Blockchain technology has the potential to transform the energy sector. The energy industry has been consistently catalyzed by innovations including rooftop solar, electric vehicles, and smart metering. Now, the Enterprise Ethereum blockchain presents itself as the next emerging technology to spur growth in the energy sector through its smart contracts and systems interoperability. Of the […]
DEBT: The First 5,000 Years While the "national debt" has been the concern du jour of many economists, commentators and politicians, little attention is ever paid to the historical significance of debt. For thousands of years, the struggle between rich and poor has largely taken the form of conflicts between creditors and debtors—of arguments about […]
Explore the evolution of AI investing and online wealth management. Investing and managing your wealth online has never been easier, but how does AI investing work and what are the challenges? On this course, you’ll explore how technology has changed the way we invest money. You’ll consider the evolution of AI-driven online wealth management platforms, […]
Initial coin offerings have been revolutionizing the world of traditional investing and have since brought large amounts of capital into the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. When a project goes through with an ICO, they issue tokens that run on a blockchain to their investors who help them raise capital. It’s important to understand that all tokens aren’t […]
Introduction to Hyperledger Business Blockchain Design Philosophy and Consensus This is the first in a series of papers from the Hyperledger Architecture Working Group (WG). These papers describe a generalized reference architecture for permissioned blockchain networks and share the recommendations of the Hyperledger Architecture WG with the end goal of guiding all Hyperledger projects towards […]
We recorded a presentation we gave to our class on the Cryptography Behind Bitcoin and shared it with you all!
Fitting a line to data is actually pretty straightforward. For a complete index of all the StatQuest videos, check out: https://statquest.org/video-index/ If you'd like to support StatQuest, please consider... Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/statquest ...or... YouTube Membership: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtYLUTtgS3k1Fg4y5tAhLbw/join ...a cool StatQuest t-shirt or sweatshirt (USA/Europe): https://teespring.com/stores/statquest (everywhere): https://www.redbubble.com/people/starmer/works/40421224-statquest-double-bam?asc=u&p=t-shirt ...buying one or two of my songs (or go large […]
Cardano (ADA) is gaining a lot of traction, but what makes it so special? In this video I'll explain all the problems that the Cardano team intends to solve. It boils down to: Scalability, Interoperability and Sustainability. Watch the video to learn more! 🌍 Social Twitter: https://twitter.com/savjee Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/savjee ✏️ Check out my blog https://www.savjee.be […]
Presented at the IFMA Presidents Conference Meeting, 2017 [RE] Richie Etwaru Patron Saint of Trusted Commerce, Blockchain Futurist, Adjunct Professor, Serial Entrepreneur Richie Etwaru (born January 2, 1976) is an American business executive, author, global keynote speaker, adjunct professor and patent holder who specializes in the next era of commerce termed “Trusted Commerce”. He has […]
How important are privacy improvements to Bitcoin in the roadmap? How will second layers and atomic swaps help with this? When will Schnorr signatures / signature aggregation be added to Bitcoin? What are Taproot and Graftroot? Will it be done through a soft or hard fork? Should we keep transaction transparency instead of adding privacy […]
In this talk, Andreas picks apart the false dichotomy of 'rainbow' market types (white, grey, black, red, blue), the underlying moral assumptions in these classifications, and why Bitcoin's colorblindness matters in a world where state 'justice as a service' (JaaS) is not only jurisdictionally relative and contradictory on a global scale, but often faulty and […]
What functions of money does the current stage of bitcoin fulfill? What is the current popular use case? Why will unit of account be the last function we achieve? Which use cases will accelerate bitcoin adoption in western countries (ex. Germany)? Why should we not be so hard on speculation and hedging against devaluation? What […]

The only startup course inspired from the experience of helping more than 3500 entrepreneurs of which 300 have grown their startups to Seed and Series A stage and raised over $300 Million in funding.