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When you think of the word “wannabe,” maybe you imagine someone who isn’t committed to their goals and dreams.Sure, there are countless people who fit this description. Indeed, the #1 deathbed regret for most people is that they lacked the courage to be who they wanted to be, and instead, became who their social circle […]

Never in the history of humanity have so many people been feeling intense anxiety related to COVID-19 and the world it will leave in its wake. The intent of this course is to give you a deeper understanding of the anxiety reaction as it relates to various aspects of our current life, ranging from our […]

We understand that these are unprecedented and unpredictable times. That is why we want to do whatever we can to help bring some normalcy to your lives, by ensuring you have all of the information, resources, and support to use myBlueprint  in a remote/online setting.

At a time of political unrest, environmental uncertainty, and lingering inequalities, young social change-makers are leading the way to counter the today’s challenges. What are you doing to create sustainable, positive change? Voices of Social Change is a free online short course co-designed and delivered by eight young social entrepreneurs. Follow in the footsteps of […]

Under what conditions are we most creative? Watch the newest video from Big Think: https://bigth.ink/NewVideo Join Big Think Edge for exclusive videos: https://bigth.ink/Edge ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Creative individuals produce better work when there's a deadline involved, says media mogul Tina Brown. To extract great work, you shouldn't have the option to escape it. Deadlines add a level […]

Learn blockchain in an afternoon. Without spending countless hours deciphering tech jargon

The only blockchain guide giving you full historical context in bite-sized information with visually stunning graphics

The thought of impending sickness has a lot of people on edge. It brings on anxiety, and when you’re anxious, you want to do something to relieve it. That’s why you see stories of people stockpiling toilet paper, and disinfecting wipes, and stealing face masks. (None of those things are going to help them stay […]
As Founders ourselves, we started 10 venture-backed companies that exited for over $10 Billion. During that time as Founders and now as VCs, we’ve seen 16 counterintuitive lessons in pitching VCs that increase your odds of success. Today we’re sharing them for the benefit of the entire founder community. Create your Company Brief - www.thecompanybrief.com […]
Dr. Talia Gershon, a materials scientist by training, came to IBM Research in 2012. After 4.5 years of developing next-generation solar cell materials, she got inspired to learn about quantum computing because it might enable all kinds of discoveries (including new materials). Having authored the Beginner's Guide to the QX, she passionately believes that anyone […]
This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. What if we could rebuild our society in a way that works for everyone? Epochal changes are now underway that are radically transforming how society operates. Johann will describe this revolution, and how it will create vast new economic opportunities […]
What is EASE? EASE is a collection of evidence-informed anxiety prevention and resilience-building resources for use with students in grades K-7. The resources use cognitive behavioural strategies to address the thoughts, feelings and behaviours associated with anxiety. EASE has been available to schools throughout B.C. since 2019. Classroom activities are aimed at increasing the emotional […]
Our perspective on the pandemic’s impact across nine industries, actions leaders should take and questions to push your thinking. The global spread of COVID-19 is impacting all industries in all directions. While headlines surround customer uncertainty and the visible disruption of production and supply chains, we believe organizations face greater risks and challenges when it […]
Product-market fit is a prerequisite for sustainable growth. There’s no point in pushing a product which brings no real sustainable value to customers. Founders are often misled by good acquisition numbers into thinking they’ve found product-market fit (PMF). But just because people are signing up for your product or downloading your app at a low acquisition […]
At least one global cryptocurrency will achieve mass-market adoption. That cryptocurrency will either be Bitcoin or a derivative inspired by it. The chance that it will be the former is so strong that in 2014 I invested in Bitcoin startups Xapo and Blockstream. And yet, perhaps surprisingly, when one of the very smart people I […]
Say hello to the decentralized economy -- the blockchain is about to change everything. In this lucid explainer of the complex (and confusing) technology, Bettina Warburg describes how the blockchain will eliminate the need for centralized institutions like banks or governments to facilitate trade, evolving age-old models of commerce and finance into something far more […]
Blockchains are all the rage. The oldest and biggest blockchain of them all is Bitcoin, which over its eight-year history so far starshipped in value from 10,000 bitcoins per pizza (before there were exchanges that priced bitcoin in traditional currencies) to over $1,000 per bitcoin. As of this writing Bitcoin has a market capitalization of over […]
As Founders ourselves, we started 10 venture-backed companies that exited for over $10 Billion. During that time as Founders and now as VCs, we’ve seen 16 counterintuitive lessons in pitching VCs that increase your odds of success. Today we’re sharing them for the benefit of the entire founder community. Create your Company Brief - www.thecompanybrief.com […]
The Covid-19 crisis has now reached a new critical phase where public health systems need to act decisively to contain the growth in new epicenters outside China. Clearly, the main emphasis is and should be on containing and mitigating the disease itself. But the economic impacts are also significant, and many companies are feeling their way towards […]
When I was in my 20’s I worked at Convergent Technologies, a company that was proud to be known as the “Marine Corps of Silicon Valley.” It was a brawling “take no prisoners,” work hard, party hard, type of company. The founders came out of the DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) and Intel culture of the 1960’s […]
As the Covid-19 crisis spreads to new epicenters in Europe and the U.S., companies are scrambling to mobilize responses. There are no easy answers, due to the unpredictability of disease dynamics, a lack of relevant prior experience, and the absence of plug-and-play instructions from government or international authorities. Clearly each local situation is different, but we […]
Learn more about Blockchain technology: http://ibm.biz/learn-blockchain-technology Check out this blog on the different types of Blockchain: http://ibm.biz/different-blockchain-types-blog Learn about different Blockchain use cases: http://ibm.biz/blockchain-use-cases Blockchain is a distributed and immutable ledger allowing you to track anything, including tangible or intangible goods. This enables users or organizations to digitally and securely record entries, that are in-turn […]
21 Promising Blockchain Use Cases When one talks about technology that could potentially change the way we live, blockchain is a term that is constantly brought up. And for good reason, blockchain technology promises to fundamentally change the way we live in a multitude of areas. It can often be difficult to conceptualize the transformative […]
Suppliers who have confirmed the availability of products, materials, or other manufacturing services specific to the current mass shortage of critical supplies. Add your company to this list 
ROC (Receiver Operator Characteristic) graphs and AUC (the area under the curve), are useful for consolidating the information from a ton of confusion matrices into a single, easy to interpret graph. This video walks you through how to create and interpret ROC graphs step-by-step. We then show how the AUC can be used to compare […]
The COVID-19 pandemic has created a global health and economic crisis that has placed us all on war footing, and companies are at the frontline. JUST Capital knows that companies face unprecedented operational and financial challenges and are making difficult decisions each day, including how to support their workers, customers, and communities in the face […]
With market growth for the retail industry projected to sustain between 3.2% and 3.8% for the 2018 calendar year, retail as a whole would seemingly be far from needing life support. But there are significant challenges facing the retail sector that could determine which players become long-term beneficiaries of evolution and which fall off the map completely. […]

The only startup course inspired from the experience of helping more than 3500 entrepreneurs of which 300 have grown their startups to Seed and Series A stage and raised over $300 Million in funding.