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As Founders ourselves, we started 10 venture-backed companies that exited for over $10 Billion. During that time as Founders and now as VCs, we’ve seen 16 counterintuitive lessons in pitching VCs that increase your odds of success. Today we’re sharing them for the benefit of the entire founder community. Today, I want to share some […]

About 2 years ago, Intuit Founder Scott Cook came to NFX to meet with James Currier to discuss their shared interest in network effects. It was one of the most compelling conversations James has had with anyone on the topic, and so we recently visited the Intuit HQ in Mountain View, CA to continue the […]

We all know that developing strategic thinking skills is important, but many don’t realize how critical it is to your career advancement to show these skills to your boss and other senior leaders. Showing strategic thinking skills tells your bosses that you’re able to think for yourself and make decisions that position the organization for the future. It […]

As investors and advisors in over 60 early-marketplace startups, we’ve paid close attention to what it takes to get marketplaces started. Which comes first, the supply or the demand? Chicken or egg? We’ve noticed at least 19 distinct, executable tactics Founders can use to solve the chicken-or-egg problem. Tactic 1: Get the hardest side first. […]

YC Partner and Head of Admissions Dalton Caldwell talks about pivoting for startups and shares his advice on when and how founders should consider it for their companies. You can find the lecture slides and transcript here: https://www.startupschool.org/videos/73 Find more Startup School and YC content at https://www.startupschool.org/library.

Learn blockchain in an afternoon. Without spending countless hours deciphering tech jargon

The only blockchain guide giving you full historical context in bite-sized information with visually stunning graphics

Storyline Online is a children's literacy website created by the SAG-AFTRA Foundation, which provides free storytelling videos and resources for parents and teachers to foster a love of reading in children. The SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s Daytime Emmy®-nominated and award-winning children’s literacy website, Storyline Online®, streams videos featuring celebrated actors reading children’s books alongside creatively produced illustrations. Readers […]
For many retailers around the world, the COVID-19 outbreak is now a reality rather than a looming threat. Having watched Chinese retailers striving to meet the needs of both their workers and their customers in the early stages of what has become a pandemic, executives in a host of countries find themselves stepping up to […]
One of the fundamental concepts in machine learning is the Confusion Matrix. Combined with Cross Validation, it's how we decide which machine learning method would be best for our dataset. Check out the video to find out how! NOTE: This video illustrates the confusion matrix concept as described in the Introduction to Statistical Learning, page […]
Learn blockchain in an afternoon. Without spending countless hours deciphering tech jargon Like the Internet in the mid-1990s, Blockchain is getting closer to its breakout moment every day. A fundamental ‘techtonic’ shift transforming the world as we know it. Blockchain is a foundational technology that is creating the next Internet and opening up new opportunities […]
Say hello to the decentralized economy -- the blockchain is about to change everything. In this lucid explainer of the complex (and confusing) technology, Bettina Warburg describes how the blockchain will eliminate the need for centralized institutions like banks or governments to facilitate trade, evolving age-old models of commerce and finance into something far more […]
New videos DAILY: https://bigth.ink/youtube Join Big Think Edge for exclusive videos: https://bigth.ink/Edge ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT BIG THINK: Smarter Faster™ Big Think is the leading source of expert-driven, actionable, educational content -- with thousands of videos, featuring experts ranging from Bill Clinton to Bill Nye, we help you get smarter, faster. S​ubscribe to learn from top […]
Blockchain, the key technology behind Bitcoin, is a new network that helps decentralize trade, and allows for more peer-to-peer transactions. WIRED challenged political scientist and blockchain researcher Bettina Warburg to explain blockchain technology to 5 different people; a child, a teen, a college student, a grad student, and an expert. Check out WIRED's guide to […]
PSA Safe Grocery Shopping in COVID-19 Pandemic – UPDATED!!! IMPORTANT EDIT FROM NIH DATA: COVID-19 LIVES ON CARDBOARD FOR 1 DAY. SEE SOURCES BELOW. This is the most current video for New CDC data, safe takeout food practices, and an updated practice for safe grocery shopping/handling.
Understanding blockchain and cryptocurrency in a historical context. Douglas J. Pepe is a partner in New York litigation boutique Joseph Hage Aaronson. By day, he represents hedge funds, financial institutions, corporations and large law firms in complex commercial disputes. On nights and weekends, he pursues his newfound passion in blockchain and crypto. He and a […]
With COVID-19 cases growing worldwide, business leaders are scrambling to deal with a wide variety of problems, from slumping sales and stalling supply chains to keeping employees healthy and making sure they can continue working. We asked professors of Harvard Business School how the coronavirus pandemic is likely to change how companies do business. Here’s what they said...
A regularly updated list of financial assistance programs for small businesses hurt by the outbreak of COVID-19 sorted by state and county. We understand that many businesses are seeking Coronavirus Financial Support & Loan Relief Help. We’re hearing loud and clear that small businesses are facing an unprecedented crisis. Many have reached out directly to say […]
It was a privilege getting Dr. Anthony Fauci on the show to answer our question about the current coronavirus pandemic. Support our Healthcare Heros and go to https://www.vessifootwear.com/defranco now and, for a limited time, choose what you pay! If you miss the “Choose what you Pay” window you can still get $25 off each pair […]
Nonpharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) intended to reduce infectious contacts between persons form an integral part of plans to mitigate the impact of the next influenza pandemic. Although the potential benefits of NPIs are supported by mathematical models, the historical evidence for the impact of such interventions in past pandemics has not been systematically examined. We obtained […]
Don't forget to take the quiz at 05:19! Drop your email ids (so that we can contact you for the Amazon voucher) and what you think is the correct answer in the comments section below, to be one of 3 lucky winners who can win Amazon vouchers worth INR 500 or $10 (depending on your […]
Isn’t crypto over? Wasn’t there a crash? Isn’t blockchain old news? In December 2017, the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies surged to around $800 billion. In the next year, as we all know, crypto declined precipitously. About 12 months later in November 2018, that figure had sunk as low as $182 billion. But it’s notable that, even […]
We know that your business may be experiencing disruptions resulting from the global outbreak of COVID-19. We’ve heard that a little financial support can go a long way, so we are offering $100M in cash grants and ad credits to help during this challenging time. How the program can help Keep your workforce going strongHelp […]
Demo of how IBM and Maersk are digitizing and simplifying global trade to create trust and transparency in the supply chain using blockchain technology--a distributed, permissioned platform accessible by the supply chain ecosystem designed to exchange events data and handle document workflows. The example shows how shipping flowers can create trust and security in a […]
As Founders ourselves, we started 10 venture-backed companies that exited for over $10 Billion. During that time as Founders and now as VCs, we’ve seen 16 counterintuitive lessons in pitching VCs that increase your odds of success. Today we’re sharing them for the benefit of the entire founder community. Create your Company Brief - www.thecompanybrief.com […]
Product-market fit is a prerequisite for sustainable growth. There’s no point in pushing a product which brings no real sustainable value to customers. Founders are often misled by good acquisition numbers into thinking they’ve found product-market fit (PMF). But just because people are signing up for your product or downloading your app at a low acquisition […]

The only startup course inspired from the experience of helping more than 3500 entrepreneurs of which 300 have grown their startups to Seed and Series A stage and raised over $300 Million in funding.