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There are thousands of ebooks and audiobooks, hand-selected by your library, available for reading. Explore the collection through catalog guides, subjects, featured titles, and curated lists. It's a delight to discover new books through Libby. Trusted by millions of library patrons across North America and around the world. Read across devices All your loans, notes, […]

Network effects have been responsible for 70% of all the value created in technology since 1994. Founders who deeply understand how they work will be better positioned to build category-defining companies. This reference for Founders will be continually updated and includes a comprehensive collection of terms and insights related to network effects all in one place. […]

Guest blogging is a useful tactic to get your content published and build yourself a name in the digital marketing industry. But before pitching anything to a blog editor, you need to know exactly what kind of content they are after. That’s guest blogging 101. Their areas of interest and their editorial standards will help […]

If you're not plugged in to the right social circles, you're locked out of tribal knowledge on tech compensation and it’s a huge disadvantage. Win $50,000+ just by asking the right way. Learn to speak the language of tech compensation. Understand tech compensation — use levels & equity to your advantage.Figure out your worth — use the right […]

Learn blockchain in an afternoon. Without spending countless hours deciphering tech jargon

The only blockchain guide giving you full historical context in bite-sized information with visually stunning graphics

How is the way that universities teach entrepreneurship evolving?Lean LaunchPad class developed for StanfordInnovation and entrepreneurship will become the liberal arts of the 21st centuryTeaching basic entrepreneurial appreciationMission-Driven EntrepreneurshipHacking for X classesEthics in entrepreneurshipHow has innovation in large corporations evolved over the last 10 years?Innovation theater in large corporations“I want to see what you look […]
Presented at the IFMA Presidents Conference Meeting, 2017 [RE] Richie Etwaru Patron Saint of Trusted Commerce, Blockchain Futurist, Adjunct Professor, Serial Entrepreneur Richie Etwaru (born January 2, 1976) is an American business executive, author, global keynote speaker, adjunct professor and patent holder who specializes in the next era of commerce termed “Trusted Commerce”. He has […]
Every stage of funding for a startup requires a different set of metrics and milestones Every year I teach classrooms full of students about business. These students end up leaving my classes understanding the basics of how to search for product/market fit — and thinking their next goal is to “get funded.” That’s a mistake […]
Influenza epidemics vary in intensity from year to year, driven by climatic conditions and by viral antigenic evolution. However, important spatial variation remains unexplained. Here we show predictable differences in influenza incidence among cities, driven by population size and structure. Weekly incidence data from 603 cities in the United States reveal that epidemics in smaller […]
Our 18-year-old son was on spring break from Northern Arizona University (NAU) last week, staying home with us just as we began some serious social distancing. Now he desperately wants to go back to the dorm. He’s loving his first year of college and, in particular, dorm life. Wait, what? The dorm is open? At […]
Don't forget to take the quiz at 05:19! Drop your email ids (so that we can contact you for the Amazon voucher) and what you think is the correct answer in the comments section below, to be one of 3 lucky winners who can win Amazon vouchers worth INR 500 or $10 (depending on your […]
Mr. Rogers once said, “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mom would say to me ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’” And that can be no truer than now. I live in the Bay Area where there has been a […]
When I saw my current therapist Erin for the first time in 2019, I walked into her office with absolutely all of my baggage. I showed up fresh from John F. Kennedy Airport off a day-late delayed flight back from my spring vacation to Nashville, suitcase and all, and said, “So… we’ve got a lot […]
MUCH REMAINS UNKNOWN about the novel coronavirus ripping through China, but one thing is certain. The disease can cast a storm over the whole human body. Such has been the nature of past zoonotic coronaviruses, ones that hopped from animals to humans like SARS and MERS. Unlike their common-cold-causing cousins, these emergent coronaviruses can spark a […]
Lots of writers want to learn how to write more or faster. And while those may be admirable and sensible goals, outlining can help you to find the gold nuggets faster and to leave the dusty old bricks behind. I just planned to write a completely different story which you will never read. I abandoned […]
Updated daily, with real-world funding, resources, and support for small business owners adapting to the impacts of coronavirus. What do you need help with? Apply for an Emergency GrantFinancial Aid OptionsOperate RemotelyCreating an Online PresenceApply for a SBA Disaster LoanAnxiety and Mental Health SupportPause or Close my BusinessReal-Time Government and Policy InfoStudy Best PracticesConnect With […]
Blockchain technology has the potential to transform the energy sector. The energy industry has been consistently catalyzed by innovations including rooftop solar, electric vehicles, and smart metering. Now, the Enterprise Ethereum blockchain presents itself as the next emerging technology to spur growth in the energy sector through its smart contracts and systems interoperability. Of the […]
Our final episodes of Anatomy & Physiology explore the way your body keeps all that complex, intricate stuff alive and healthy -- your immune system. The immune system’s responses begin with physical barriers like skin and mucous membranes, and when they’re not enough, there are phagocytes -- the neutrophils and macrophages. It also features the […]
Isn’t crypto over? Wasn’t there a crash? Isn’t blockchain old news? In December 2017, the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies surged to around $800 billion. In the next year, as we all know, crypto declined precipitously. About 12 months later in November 2018, that figure had sunk as low as $182 billion. But it’s notable that, even […]
We’ve put together an operational checklist to help consumer goods companies frame their immediate response to the COVID-19 pandemic and their planning for an eventual recovery and beyond.Key actions include empowering your emergency response team, reviewing and adapting production plans, turbocharging logistics flexibility and adjusting commercial strategy.The crisis is a defining leadership moment in consumer […]
As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread around the world, Washington State and particularly Seattle has emerged as ground zero for the pandemic in the United States. In order to get the word out about existing health technologies that can help to triage, test and treat for COVID-19, a group of female health tech […]
Each year, Sen. James Lankford releases a report on the state of government spending, which never fails to garner incredulity from those who care how their taxes are spent. But, the report also inevitably provides a measure of comedy in the form of patently absurd ways to waste taxpayers’ hard-earned cash. The 2017 report outlined $473 […]
Blockchains are all the rage. The oldest and biggest blockchain of them all is Bitcoin, which over its eight-year history so far starshipped in value from 10,000 bitcoins per pizza (before there were exchanges that priced bitcoin in traditional currencies) to over $1,000 per bitcoin. As of this writing Bitcoin has a market capitalization of over […]
“Once you publish a blog post, you have to email as many influencers as possible,” he tells the guy next to him, “and ask them to share it on their social media.” I know I should mind my own business and stop listening to their conversation. But overhearing strangers in coworking spaces is always more […]
In this video we cover basic terminology in cryptography, including what is a ciphertext, plaintext, keys, public key crypto, and private key crypto.

The only startup course inspired from the experience of helping more than 3500 entrepreneurs of which 300 have grown their startups to Seed and Series A stage and raised over $300 Million in funding.